Custom Works


Freeda Lapos is a highly sought after muralist. She can create custom murals in your residence or at your business location, based on your design theme.

Please Email Freeda and tell her what you are interested in. Please include your phone number and she will call you to discuss it. Prices for custom murals vary based on complexity of design and size of space to be painted. Please note: Murals commissioned away from the Seattle area will incur expense charges at cost (air, hotel, rental car, if necessary).

Tribute Art Boards

Custom designed for YOU - each one will be different. The sample design uses scrabble and other letters to describe Jon, the band, their music, etc. I have Jon in this one, because it was for someone in his fan club. I can do one for anyone: movie stars, musicians, politicians, even your family members (you would supply the family photos).

Custom pieces take about 3 to 4 weeks ... I need to design it, put it together based on your specific desires (if you give me any directions), it needs to dry, I need to varnish it, etc. No two boards will be the same.

You can contact me with questions, specific requests concerning what you want in the artwork (like favorite song lyrics, or send me your photos to include in the artwork, etc.) This makes a great gift for the celebrity lover in your life! PLEASE NOTE: I cannot use photos that are copyrighted and belong to anyone else in my artwork. I can use the photos that are out there in public domain (such as are in magazines) and that I have personally taken at concerts and that you have personally taken and send to me to include in the piece. I just need to be clear on this. As an artist myself, I am very cognizant and respectful of copyrights. My own with my artwork have been violated more than once and I take this very seriously.